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Are You Losing Yourself In Your Relationship?

Being with people we love for a long period often results to both getting some of each other’s characteristics. Having the same likes or dislikes can also be one of the results. For this reason, some may even grow to love shows they used to hate. When you make an effort to care for what the person you love cares for, you also later find out that these things are not that bad. On the other hand, the people we love also tend to do the same.

Keeping your own identity is still very important no matter how long you are together. Failure to do this will later make you forget who you are. If you feel you are losing yourself, read on.

Learn more about the signs that you are lost in your relationship.

What is there is only “we” and no “me.” Using “we” most of the time instead of “me” shows that you are too dependent on your partner and you cannot do things on your own.

Because of your partner, you accept things you did not like before. We have to admit that we all have morals. Before you got together, did you have strong convictions about something? Have your moral standards gone down? Were you a health buff before but now you are looking the other way when he does unhealthy things?

More serious in a relationship is when there is abuse and it should never be taken lightly. You must report it if your partner abuses you.

You give more priority to his things and needs. Does the place where you live together have more of his things than yours? You have the right to keep the things you really love. Others might think this is a petty matter. But it tells something. If you cannot keep things you value, it seems you allowed your partner to hold more value than you.

You always give in. A lot of partners who cannot agree on some matters later find out one of them won over the other. So try to remember how many times did your partner agree to your choice? Without knowing it, you already lost yourself.

You realize that you want time to be alone. There are times we all need to be alone. Do you feel you do not have time for yourself anymore? If you notice that all your spare time is given to your partner, consider that you are losing yourself. A possessive, jealous partner might not be willing to allow you some free time. You do not have to attend all corporate functions for your partner if you are not comfortable.

So after what you read made you realize that you are losing yourself, it’s time to resolve issues with your mate or get help from experts. Learn more about this issue, check out more sites.