Finding Ways To Keep Up With Weird

Some Weird Sites That You Can Find Online
There are so many things that one can see on the internet. Did you know that there are over one billion sites now that you can find there? There are many people who enjoy surfing the Internet for different kinds of content and there are people who like weird content so they go to weird websites that contain that. There are differing reason why one would be viewing weird stuff online. A common reason would be the feeling of boredom and curing that by looking at weird stuff which gives them an adrenaline shot. Another reason is that they are doing it out of curiosity for the weird things that are on the world wide web.
Now if you haven’t tried looking at some of this weird stuff on the internet well here you will learn about some websites that contain such weird stuff.
Weird Universe. Based on the name itself here you will discover more weird things about the world that we are living in. There are some who go here to view the weird science section because they can read more about bizarre experiments.
Hypochondriapp Website. This is actually a humor website that allows you to make a diagnosis of the condition that you have. You go to this website and type on it the symptom or symptoms that you are experiencing now. After typing the worst possible outcome will appear based on your symptom. An example would be getting the tuberculosis outcome when you type coughing in the symptom box. They also explicitly state there that the diagnosis yielded in their website is meant to be a joke and nothing more.
The Useless Web. When you go to this website you will find a useless website. When you click on the website that is there you will be redirected to yet another useless website. What people find fun in this website is in the surprise that they feel with the next useless website.
Zombie Passions. This website is actually a website primarily for dating among those who have the same interest in zombies. If you are not into dating this can still be a great website for you to meet other fellow zombie fans.
Rainy Mood. This is not weird but it can be a nice experience especially for those who are into rains. This is because this site contains rainy background noises. You even have the choice of downloading these sounds so that you can listen to it from anywhere.
Shower Thoughts. When you are doing your bath under a shower there are times when you have some thoughts. In this website you will find all those thoughts compiled together. If you wish you can make a submission to them of your very own shower thoughts.

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